About Us

Are you a busy executive with a hectic lifestyle? Do you wish you had more time to take care of yourself? We understand the demands and stresses placed on busy executives and respect our patients’ time and have thus created a program to thoroughly evaluate your health and minimize down time. Our Executive Corporate Physical Exam program was established by Dr. Ino Halegua to provide highly personalized and comprehensive physical exams and to offer busy executives a cost effective and efficient way to keep healthy and reduce time away from work for medical absences. All of our diagnostic equipment is located in our office; therefore, our patients don’t have to waste time travelling from facility to facility to complete their examination. The program offers individualized health assessments and consultations. Our program emphasizes the identification of individual’s risk factors and modification of these risk factors in order to prevent future illnesses and in doing so, protect your health. Our executive corporate physical exam program is completely confidential and customized to your personal health needs and concerns.Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Coral Gables.

Benefits of our program :
  • Prevention and Early Detection.
  • Personalized fitness, nutrition and stress management programs :
  • Flexible scheduling.
Our program is designed to promote wellness in all businesses alike from corporate offices and factories to both large and small corporations and offices. We address each employee’s healthcare needs and at the same time focus on prevention in order to ensure health and wellness and also minimize healthcare expenses.

The goal of our executive corporate wellness program is the following:
  • Identification of potential health issues
  • Reduction and elimination of medical risk factors
  • Routine medical checkups
  • Routine nutritional and exercise evaluations and consultations
  • Stress Management